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About Software Mechanics Pty Ltd

Milton, Australia

Software Mechanics makes software for printing and communications. Our WinLINE plotter driver products have been deployed worldwide since 1994 by engineers, architects, designers, planners and people who work with CAD, illustration, documentation and charting applications across industries.

We work cooperatively with software publishers and hardware manufacturers worldwide to make our products work together in practical, effective ways for customers. OEM partners to have licensed Software Mechanics' products include Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, Roland Digital Group, ENCAD, Xerox and Visio before it was acquired by Microsoft.

Software Mechanics is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Customers include leading global enterprises including IBM, Ford, Boeing, EDS, NEC, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Citibank, Daimler Chrysler, GE, AT&T, Microsoft, NTT and Sony, some of the world's leading scientific research institutes and educational institutions, many of the world's largest manufacturers and designers of weapons of mass destruction, that inventor who made the lawnmower thing you can ride on the footpath, people in Oregon who create new opportunities for blind people, some folks in a shed in Tennessee who know things nobody else knows about adhesive, and more than one group of people in Seoul who had to have the software right away.

Software Mechanics' Mission

To build and deliver excellent products that enable people to communicate ideas and facts with others while:

  • Being a considerate, sensible, valued corporate citizen in the locations where we produce, sell, and service our products
  • Treating all people and other animals with respect and rewarding both group and individual performances that exceed commitments and circumstances
  • Maintaining or achieving the number one or two position in addressed market segments in terms of market share, customer satisfaction, revenue generation, sustainability, technological leadership and engineering integrity
  • Supporting commercial, academic and civic projects that benefit deserving parts of society
  • Achieving a stellar return on investment for shareholders measured in terms of enjoyment, purpose, length of association and opportunity cost
  • Transcending limitations to the flow of information


Victor Lembryk Victor Lembryk
Ken Stacey Ken Stacey
Mike Kidson Mike Kidson

Values and Beliefs

Since Software Mechanics was founded, we have operated in accordance with a set of core values and beliefs, which are critical to our continued success as a company, and as individuals.

Conduct business on the highest ethical basis
Life is short. Jail is bad.

The world is essentially spherical
The closer you are to it, the less spherical.

Literacy and numeracy matter.

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