Windows Drivers For Pen Plotters, Vinyl Cutters and Engravers

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WinLINE Classic Version 9

System Requirements

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  1. Download the evaluation driver by clicking on the link below and following the installation instructions on the download page.
  2. If your output device requires connection via a serial port such as COM1 or COM2 make sure your serial cable is suitable for use with Windows and that your system is configured to use a serial output device. If your computer doesn't have a serial port, use a USB to Serial cable that is certified for use with your version of Windows. You will have to install drivers for the USB to Serial cable before you install WinLINE.
  3. After you have installed WinLINE and successfully printed a Windows Test Page, try printing some drawings or documents from your favorite Windows programs.
  4. In evaluation mode, WinLINE prints your complete output and overprints an advertizing message. Note: If you are evaulating WinLINE with a cutting device, use a pen or a blank holder instead of a blade so that you don't waste media.
  5. If you have any difficulty installing, configuring or printing with WinLINE, please read the FAQs and post a Technical Support request if you can't find the answer.
  6. When you are satisfied that WinLINE works with your system and output device the way you require, buy WinLINE licenses.


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